Creative colouring – ages 3 – 6

Competition closes 31th August 2011

CREATIVE COLOURING offers children a way to express themselves by the colours that they choose to combine together.  When a child sits down to colour a picture it is important that they take their time and do not rush.  Without any interference, children will create a peaceful space for themselves while they colour and this in turn will enhance their well being and recharge their batteries. 



Children are to print the page on A4 paper and then colour in their drawing.  There will be Tania Kay designs used in this competition not only because they they will be fun but because they truly allow children to experiment and appreciate working with the different colours and patterns. 

 Prizes awarded for Care

Choice of colours used is entirely up to each entrant and will be a matter of personal preference as all entries will be completely accepted by me.  It is important to take your time and not rush when colouring in.  Try to stay in the lines and colour your page as evenly as you can. You may use pencils, crayons, paint or texta to colour with.


“Elle`s Painting” is the subject for the month of August Competitions.   What has Elle Painted? Colour in Elle then draw or paint a picture on his blank canvas.

 To Print Picture:
Place cursor  on Elle`s link or anywhere on the picture below and  click.
Wait a few moments and file will open up in Adobe format.
Make sure Adobe is set to 100% – (so picture will fill an A4 page).
Click on the printer icon – it will open to a print preview screen – then select OK to print picture.

“Elle`s Painting”

All entries are to have an attachment clearly marked with,

Childs name:


Phone no;

and email address for contacting about prizes.

All winners will be announced in the September Newsletter and contacted personally by Tania kay.

All entries are to be emailed to me at

or dropped into the gallery at

64 Darley St Mona Vale

Pictures that are dropped off in person will be hung in the Gallery for the month.

All enquiries


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